Lathe Cut Gaskets & Seals

Grand River Rubber & Plastics Co. is your premiere source for custom lathe cut products.  We manufacture to your specifications in a wide range of polymer types and durometers, both straight and bevel cut.

If you need assistance with your application, our engineers can develop an optimized solution that balances performance and economy. With production approaching 1.5 million pieces per day, we have the experience to get the job done right and the capacity to deliver on time.


Lathe Cut gaskets & seals offer distinct advantages over products manufactured using methods such as injection molding or die cutting.

  • No mold flash, pits, voids or non-fills
  • Maximum sealing surface compared to standard o-rings 
  • Little or no tooling costs 
  • No hourglassing vs. die-cut products 
  • Rapid prototype/samples (often in a week)
  • Lower product cost due to elimination of waste inherent to other processes
  • Limitless material choices 
  • Tight dimensional tolerances possible
  • Small minimum orders available
  • Design changes easily accomplished
  • Engineering support for your application
  • Flexible scheduling accommodates short lead times
  • Smooth surface finish without parting line or flash
  • Guaranteed parallel cut surfaces

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